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Finding God on the Nile

Ask any Egyptian what the Nile River means to his people, and he will surely tell you that it is Life.  For millennia, its waters, silt, and nutrients have nourished the lush farmlands that line its banks.  The abundance of fish still provides a vital food source for Egyptians.  Man has harnessed the power of… Continue reading Finding God on the Nile

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Losing My Outdoorsy Virginity

As you might guess, I’m a big fan of the conveniences of modern life like electricity, running water, heat, and fly swatters, and I think whoever invented window screens is a genius. While I really enjoy running, I’d rather run on a treadmill than run outdoors so I don’t get sunburnt or rained on.  And… Continue reading Losing My Outdoorsy Virginity

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Sex and Catholic Guilt in a Tide Pool

A half hour ride away from our ship, our skiff beached itself on the coastline of a tiny island. Today we were going tide pooling, and one by one, we abandoned our vessel to begin our hunt for coastal aquatic life. The tide was out, and usually hidden treasures glistened under the early morning sun.… Continue reading Sex and Catholic Guilt in a Tide Pool

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Ditch Your Fear and Seize the Day

I couldn’t even begin to look at the scenery around me: the glassy water, the powder blue sky, the regal mountains, and the lush vegetation along the banks of the bay.  All my energies and all my attention were focused on not falling into the frigid Alaskan waters.  I had no idea what I was… Continue reading Ditch Your Fear and Seize the Day