In addition to guiding wonderful and engaging tours for Rick Steves’ Europe, I’m also collaborating with my dear friends and colleagues—Roberto Bechi of Tours by Roberto, Sarah Murdoch and Andrew Villone of Roads Less Traveled LLC, Liz Lister of Jaggy Thistle, and with Reid Coen of Imprint Tours—to lead exciting and eye-opening tours in Europe, Asia, South America, and beyond.

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Provisional Registration Information
Upcoming Tours

Travel with The Travelphile and Journey Well!

Through family trips to Asia, leading student tours in Europe for 10 years, and guiding Rick Steves tours for nearly a decade, my travel philosophy has been shaped by some of the best travelers in the business, as well as from well-earned experiences on the road…mistakes, triumphs, and everything in between.

I champion the notion that we can all “journey well” by allowing travel to heighten our senses and to remind us to see things with open eyes, an open heart, and an open mind–even if we’re just “traveling” in our own town. It’s about embracing the love of travel as an opportunity to learn about the people, history, architecture, art, politics, religion, and cuisine of other cultures, and to bring those lessons home and learn from them. 

Provisional Registration

With the current COVID-19 situation, we understand that few travelers are making definitive plans. Until the pandemic is behind us, we don’t expect anyone to make tour deposits. But we know that many of you still desire to make travel plans. And since, under normal circumstances, many of our tours sell out quickly and you might be legitimately concerned about space availability, we are implementing a new instrument: Provisional Reservations (PRs). 

For the coming months, if you would like to reserve a seat on any future tour with The Travelphile, all we require is:

*For tours run in partnership with Tours by Roberto, Jaggy Thistle, or Roads Less Traveled LLC

Completion of an online Provisional Reservation.
Please submit one per traveler in your party.

**For tours run in partnership with Imprint Tours

An email commitment—please state clearly in your email you are making a Provisional Reservation (or PR), include the number of travelers, and all contact emails. Send your request to  

Upon receipt of said online form* or email**, you will be officially added to the tour’s roster, contingent on a later deposit and/or total payment.  At some time in the future we will make a determination, on a tour by tour basis, of when the Covid threat has sufficiently subsided to make that tour viable.  Once a tour is approved, we will send notice to all who have PRs.  You will then have 2 weeks to make your Deposit or Payment to convert your PR to an official reservation.  

Or, if you are not yet comfortable traveling, you may simply cancel without consequence. In this way, you can claim a tour seat while waiting for the Corona situation to resolve and we can continue to provisionally plan for future trips. For any tour with an Early Pay Discount (EPD) option, the EPD will be available until the 2 week deadline mentioned above, even if the official 8 month EPD deadline has passed.  

Upcoming Tours with The Travelphile

Airfare is not included for any of these tours.
For more details about these and future tours, email me at



  • July 24-30 (7 Days) [Additional dates pending; inquire for details]
  • Tour leaders: Trish Feaster and Roberto Bechi
  • 7 guests maximum
  • Based at Tuscan farmhouse B&B outside of Siena
  • Cost:  $2500
  • Transfers to and from Rome Fiumicino Airport included

Full details on this tour here

*Tour run in partnership with Tours by Roberto and Roads Less Traveled LLC


  • September 2-12 (11 Days)
  • Begins Ljubljana, Ends Western Slovenia (near Ljubljaa)
  • Tour Leader: Andrew Villone &Trish Feaster
  • Cost:  $3495 | Single Supplement: $320
  • Optional Croatia Extension September 12-19 (stay tuned for details)

Full details on this tour here

*Tour run in partnership with Tours by Roberto and Roads Less Traveled LLC


  • October 24 – November 3 (11 Days)
  • Begins Lima, Ends Cuzco
  • Tour Leader: Trish Feaster
  • Cost:  $3900 | Single Supplement: $700
  • Early Pay Discount ($300) available until Feb 24, 2021
  • Pre-tour Nazca Lines extension available Oct 23-24 | $750 | Single Supplement $100

Full details on this tour here

**Tour run in partnership with Imprint Tours



February 13 – 26 (14 days)
Begins Chiang Mai, Ends Bangkok (Don Muang)
Cost: $4100 Single Supplement $900
Early Pay Discount ($300) available
Post-tour Angkor Wat extension Feb 26 – 28 Cost:  $900 Single Supplement $100

**Tour run in partnership with Imprint Tours


March 10 – 22
Begins Cairo, Ends Amman
Cost:  TBD (2020 cost – $4600  Single Supplement $600)
Early Pay Discount ($300) available
Israel extension available (Eilat & Jerusalem)

*Tour run in partnership with Imprint Tours

*To submit an online Provisional Registration for a tour run in partnership with Tours by Roberto, Jaggy Thistle, or Roads Less Traveled LLC, please click here.

**To submit Provisional Registration information (no deposit required with provisional commitment, see info above), or if you have any questions about any of the tours, please email me at

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