New York, NY Part 4: Good Eats

What’s your relationship with food? For some, food is a question of sustenance–keep it simple as long as it satisfies your hunger and the need for energy. For others, being a foodie is a badge they wear with a boy scout’s pride, having earned their status in countless restaurants and paying what amounts to theContinue reading “New York, NY Part 4: Good Eats”

St. Petersburg Dining: From Bleak to Chic

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  It’s the way to mine, too.  So, when gearing up for our visit to St. Petersburg, the prospect of drab food options made my heart sigh a big meh.  I imagined dining exclusively on borscht (beets and my taste buds are mortalContinue reading “St. Petersburg Dining: From Bleak to Chic”

“Freeky Fries” and Fancy Rest Stops

When I think back to road trips that I’ve taken in the U.S., I don’t fondly think of rest stops.  More often than not, I recall dimly lit parking lots, shady-looking characters lurking by a picnic bench taking drags off slinky cigarettes, seatless toilets in malodorous bathrooms, and–if you’re lucky–there’s toilet paper.  I once gotContinue reading ““Freeky Fries” and Fancy Rest Stops”