New York, NY Part 5: Through the Eyes of an Artist

Looking for an opportunity to take a family trip, Rick’s niece Nicolina became one of our inspirations. Having moved to New York about 10 years ago, Nicolina has lived the life of a struggling artist in one of the world’s cultural and artistic capitals. To get by the first year, she worked at several restaurants,Continue reading “New York, NY Part 5: Through the Eyes of an Artist”

New York, NY Part 4: Good Eats

What’s your relationship with food? For some, food is a question of sustenance–keep it simple as long as it satisfies your hunger and the need for energy. For others, being a foodie is a badge they wear with a boy scout’s pride, having earned their status in countless restaurants and paying what amounts to theContinue reading “New York, NY Part 4: Good Eats”

New York, NY Part 3: NYC for the Culture Vulture

My partner Rick and I recently took trip to New York with a large part of the Steves Family: his son Andy, daughter Jackie, sister Linda, youngest niece Caleigh, and eldest niece (and amazing artist) Nicolina. Part family vacation, part art tour of Nicolina’s works, we got to know the city better than we everContinue reading “New York, NY Part 3: NYC for the Culture Vulture”