Best of Europe: Tasting the Best of the Marais

Many travelers pride themselves on “discovering” up-and-coming, locals-only, or unsung places. Finding these gems, you feel like you’re in a secret club: the I Know Something You Don’t Know Club. But the pride is short-lived. What good’s a secret if you can’t tell anyone? So I share these places with fellow travelers, hoping they’ll haveContinue reading “Best of Europe: Tasting the Best of the Marais”

“Freeky Fries” and Fancy Rest Stops

When I think back to road trips that I’ve taken in the U.S., I don’t fondly think of rest stops.  More often than not, I recall dimly lit parking lots, shady-looking characters lurking by a picnic bench taking drags off slinky cigarettes, seatless toilets in malodorous bathrooms, and–if you’re lucky–there’s toilet paper.  I once gotContinue reading ““Freeky Fries” and Fancy Rest Stops”

Food Porn

Food Porn There’s something so evocative to me about pictures of food and the power they have to vividly remind me of mouth-watering meals and moments that I’ve had on my travels.  I can look at my culinary photos and remember exactly where I was, the scent of the dish just placed in front ofContinue reading “Food Porn”

Travel — Moving Your Body and So Much More

The last few days have moved me in unanticipated ways – physically, intellectually and emotionally.  From Paris, we headed south and stopped by Guedélon, a 13th century-style castle being currently constructed, using tools, techniques and materials of that time period.  It is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been.  I’m a visual learner.  AtContinue reading “Travel — Moving Your Body and So Much More”