Never Judge a Babushka by Her Head-cover

We walked hand-in-hand, wondering aloud to each other, “When was this built?  What do you think that sign says?  What was this place like just before the fall of the Soviet Union?”  It was the first time in three days in St. Petersburg that we had actually just wandered around.  We had been going atContinue reading “Never Judge a Babushka by Her Head-cover”

Cruising? Why?

In doing research for his newest guidebook, Northern European Cruise Ports, Rick Steves’ primary task is to double-check and update logistical and sightseeing information in port:  how to you get from the ship terminal to the city center, what are the operating hours for TIs/museums/churches, what’s new, what’s no longer around, and how do youContinue reading “Cruising? Why?”