A Real Amazing Race: Jan Steves and the Iditarod part 1

My partner Rick got his entrepreneurial genes from his dad.  Prior to becoming an expert on European travel, he was a pre-pubescent magazine seller, a teenage rare coin trader, and a college student piano teacher.  His sister Jan Steves is entrepreneurial, too, but she’s got something more.  She has the adventure gene, courtesy of herContinue reading “A Real Amazing Race: Jan Steves and the Iditarod part 1”

Iditarod: Ceremonial Start

As Rick Steves’ sister, Jan Steves, continues on her second Iditarod adventure, I’m continuing my three-part series on what it was like last year at her debut  in the “Last Great Race on Earth.” The original article was posted on Jan’s blog on March 4, 2012. Snow dances its way onto the ground and ticklesContinue reading “Iditarod: Ceremonial Start”

I Wanna Be A Cowgirl

Before coming anywhere near a raging river, we got to see some raging bulls.  Well…docile, happy, and well-fed bulls and their lady cow friends.  The Plate & Pitchfork part of the experience incorporated a visit to two different cattle ranches.  Since steak would be on several of our gourmet menus during the trip, we gotContinue reading “I Wanna Be A Cowgirl”