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Volunteering in Tijuana: Lessons in Gratitude

Life is good.  While many complain, gobble up the spoon-fed fear from media outlets, and blame the other side for everything wrong in our society, traveling makes it clear: we have it good in the USA. That’s not to discount real problems that affect individuals like unemployment, lack of healthcare, poverty, and hunger.  Those are… Continue reading Volunteering in Tijuana: Lessons in Gratitude

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Tijuana: Impressions Confirmed and Shattered

When people ask me what I do, I often find myself wincing on the inside before responding.  It can be a loaded question, depending on who is asking the question and what the circumstances are.  For nearly fifteen years, my answer was simple:  I’m a Spanish and Dance teacher at Carlsbad High School. My standard… Continue reading Tijuana: Impressions Confirmed and Shattered