Italian Experiences with Rick Steves

It’s been more than Rick Steves has led one of our Rick Steves’ Europe Tours, but you’d never know it. His enthusiasm, energy, stamina, knowledge, and love of Europe seems only to have increased with those passing years. 

Along with 28 happy tour members, my guide colleague Ben Cameron and I (we’re Rick’s assistants on this tour) are exploring and enjoying The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy,  Switzerland, and France under Rick’s impassioned and skilled guidance. He is firmly committed to connecting our tour members with European cultures through meaningful experiences. From history and tradition to cuisine and art, we savor the best of what Europe has to offer.

To get a dose of all the fun we’ve been having, click the link below and take a peek at some highlights of our time in Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome, and Orvieto). And you’ll see why we all agree, la  vita è bella (life is beautiful). ​​

Rick Steves Europe: Italian Experiences YouTube
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