Dale Chihuly’s Garden and Glass Museum: Art Rivaling Nature

Imagine columns of aqua blue starfish, seashells, and kelp bulbs. Visualize ceilings of tire-sized flowers of every color hovering above you and radiating a rainbow of sunlight with your body as the canvas. Picture rowboats piled with Technicolor orbs, wispy rods and belled vessels, floating atop a sea of black glass, reflecting the surreal masterpieces above.

Whatever you’ve just imagined is nothing compared to the reality that Dale Chihuly crafts and displays at his newest creation–his eponymous Garden and Glass Museum.  Since 1965, Chihuly has been creating works of art though the medium of colored blown glass.  His imaginative installations have been displayed all over the world, and now many of his works have a permanent home in Seattle.  As one of the newest additions to Seattle culture, it’s now my favorite place to visit.  Each time I go there, I leave wishing for more time to lose myself in the mesmerizing beauty he’s made.  He approximates nature yet somehow surpasses it.

Since words could never do his work justice, I’ll leave you with a collage of images that give you a simple taste of the visual wonders Chihuly has created (click on the images to enlarge).

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