I Believe The Children Are Our Future

My newfound fondness of the Egyptian people manifests most profoundly in how I feel for their children.  In them, I see goodness, love, and hope.  Youth has kept them from being jaded.  The nurturing love of their families has helped them remain open and engaging.  Curiosity swims in their eyes.  Friendliness beams in their smiles.  They are as precious as the children of any nation, and they are equally deserving of the chance to be free from fear, persecution, hunger, poverty, illness and hatred.  One day, these children will grow to be the leaders and caretakers of their society.   I hope that we will remember that they–like all of us–were young and innocent once and are always equally treasured in the eyes of God.

In this final blog post on Egypt, I leave you with a slideshow of some of the children I met…the future of Egypt.   I hope you can see the beauty, the purity of heart, the warmth and love that is in each of them (Click on any image below to begin the slideshow).

12 thoughts on “I Believe The Children Are Our Future

  1. Hi,
    I also find it is the children I find the most endearing whenever or wherever I travel, they are so real and open and lovely and curious..Love your pictures!

  2. These children are all so beautiful and radiate such joy and light. Children everywhere deserve the chance for a bright and happy future. Thanks for these hopeful images, Trish. They’re lovely.

    1. They are precious, aren’t they? Lately, when I get frustrated with someone, I try to think of them as they would have been as a child. It really takes the edge off of my negativity when I remember how fragile, beautiful, and innocent they were…and really, how inside–no matter what the situation–they still are.

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