Making the Best out of Being Where You Are (part 2 The How-To)

In my previous blog post, I wrote:

Whether you’re away on vacation or just living like a local on “staycation”, whether it’s your virgin visit or you know the place like a pro, find alternate ways to enjoy the place you’re visiting.  You have the opportunity and the choice to do something beyond the ordinary, so make the best out of being where you are.  Get rid of your checklist, discover and enjoy the abundance of things that that place has to offer – not only to its visitors but especially to its locals, and create your own memorable experiences.

Here are some photos and videos of how my friends and I found ways to do exactly that this summer in Europe (Click on the thumbnails to view full-size photos and launch the slideshow).

Don’t be afraid to interact with the locals.  You just may find that you have something in common or that you have something you can learn from each other.

Try a different way of experiencing a place.  At the le Chateau de Chambord , most people do the standard visit of the castle.  Having done that a few times already, Arnaud and I chose to bike part of the domaine de Chambord –its forests which encompass the same amount of square kilometers as Paris.

Not only did we get in a great workout, but we also got a chance to connect with nature, pretend we were nobility on horses hunting for boar, see the grounds and and new (for us) views of the castle.

Despite mistakenly saying once on the video that I’m on a tobaggan, I actually was on a luge track in Germany.  Why go luging ?  Why not!

Parasailing in Switzerland?  Yup, did that, too!

In Bayeaux, I met three Irish kids playing in the street while their dads chatted on the terrace of a pub.  The kids looked like they were having fun, so I asked if I could join along and try out their toy.  I look like a nut in this video, but I really had a great time just being a kid again and meeting some wee Irish lads and lassies.

It’s your vacation.  It’s your time.  It’s your money.  It’s your travel moment.  Find ways to make it a unique experience worth remembering.

5 thoughts on “Making the Best out of Being Where You Are (part 2 The How-To)

  1. I love seeing you do all of these wonderful, new things, and I agree with it 1000%. We miss you so much back home, but you expand all of us with your experiences. We couldn’t have sacrificed you to anything less than seeing your dreams become your life. What an inspiration you are! Luvumama.

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