Cuba: Just the Facts, Ma’am

Rick Steves and I have been getting so many requests regarding the logistics of our Cuba trip. And with travel restrictions slowly easing for Americans, we know more and more people will soon be heading to our neighbor in the Caribbean.

Vibrant and colorful Cuba awaits you.

With that in mind, Rick has asked me to create a nitty gritty list of the resources, contacts, and services we used to help you organize your own Cuban vacation. Keep in mind that things are changing all the time in Cuba. The existing embargo, current travel restrictions, limited Internet access in Cuba, and life under a communist regime might cause minor complications, but they’ll be more an inconvenience than anything else. If you use smart resources, study your guidebooks, and know in advance what to expect, you’ll be well prepared for your Cuban adventures.

Lonely Planet Cuba
Cuba for the Misinformed: Facts from the Forbidden Island by Mick Winter
Real Havana: Explore Cuba Like a Local and Save by Mario Rizzi
Cuba as Never Before: The Absolutely Positively Unauthorized Guide by Louis Nevaer

New York Times Articles
How to Travel to (and in) Cuba

Fidel: The Untold Story directed by Estela Bravo (YouTube, Netflix)
Che starring Benicio del Toro and directed by Steven Soderbergh (Netflix)
Curtain of Water (PBS)
The Fidel Castro Tapes (PBS)

Bite-size info
Pre-Castro Cuba, Castro and the Cold War
Cuban Literacy Movement
Travels to Real Cuba (It’s in Spanish with Spanish subtitles, but the visuals are well worth your while)

Havana; +1 905 628 8572
P2C Rental Agent: Jola
Our rental: (ID# RHPLOF28) 3BR/2BA Penthouse in Miramar, hosted by Avelina

Our rental: Miramar Grand Terrace, can be rented as 2BR/2BA or 3BR/2BA, hosted by Ingrid & Alberto
Save $20 on your Airbnb rental through this link.

The next two listings can and should be booked directly with the owners. The hosts work “on your honor” and trust that you will be there when you promise to be, even if you cannot provide a deposit (which most Americans cannot). So be responsible about good communication.

Casa Chuchi y Mamita, 2BR/2BA
Book direct:

Hostal “El Ático”, 2BR/2BA (can rent rooms individually), hosted by Magnelis
Book direct:

Another good option is to go through TrinidadRent, a casa particular booking agency run by kind and helpful Maria;

Center for Global Education
Martin Luther King Jr. Center
Road Scholar
Julio Muñoz (Trinidad)

General Licenses, Visas and Other Official Information
Cuban General Licenses for U.S. Citizens
U.S. Embassy in Havana

Paladares (Private Restaurants)
La Paila  (Havana)
La Nueva Era (Trinidad)

Farmers’ Market
Mercado Agropecuario at Avenida 19 and Calle B (Havana)


15 thoughts on “Cuba: Just the Facts, Ma’am

    1. Hi, Gary. The Center for Global Education and the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Havana organized the first five days of our trip in Havana and Viñales. Both are listed in the article. The rest we organized ourselves using the accommodation sites listed in the article, the guidebooks I mentioned, and serendipitous opportunities.

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  2. Was just in Cuba also. A wonderful experience. The people are warm and friendly and happy to see Americans. Go now before it changes!

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